Fast improvised "Danger" room ideas?


A note about the situation: We got a relatively new group of people together playing A5E with not that much knowledge of the particular system (some players have D&D experience but not all had much 5e experience if any) and we are also playing on Foundry which many of the players also don't have that much experience in.

Since our next session will be next week I thought it could be a good idea that my Artificer (I'm just a player in the group but I am "running" the foundry server) could take some time to compile something like a "training room" in a (now) empty dungeon to help with teamwork (the party hasn't experienced that much together), the players getting more familiar with the rules and their characters and also getting more familiar with using foundry.

That being said, the platform and system don't matter that much but do you have any ideas for tasks, obstacles, ... that a lowly artificer can construct fast (and cheap) to challenge a group or at least help them coordinating themselves.

If anyone is interested the party consists of:
  • human warlock gunslinger
  • halfling fighter/thief
  • orc/elf unholy champion herald
  • aasimar necromancer wizard
  • kobold artificer/naturalist savant
(yes, this is quite a "nice" group of people who could easily be a supervillain team)

Since the characters also know that this is just a training the "dangers" can easily be symbolic (like a sign with a description)

Any ideas?

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