WotBS Fateholder of the Burning Sky?


I'm probably starting an A5E campaign of A5E "soon" and since I know the people playing in the game will probably vary (maybe even from session to session) I was thinking about a way to add or remove characters at a moment's notice.

Then I thought of the Fateholder from Gate Pass Gazette 1...

They work in mysterious ways to ensure that things "work out as they should"... And this sounds like they would be interested to help the PCs in this campaign.

So... Since the characters start at level 3, each of them already had some past adventures which may have put them into deadly situations.
But if the character died then they couldn't stop (or somehow influence) the whole Burning Sky situation.
It should be easy for a Fateholder to either influence things to work out or outright save the character(s) from whichever life-threatening situation they were in, maybe even with the cryptic "Now is not the time your life ends..." (or something like that).

But as some sort of "payment" the Fateholder might need to "abduct" a character every now and then (for example when the player can't be at the session) and put them into some other situation to solve (and maybe even allow the character to get some information they would have otherwise missed - or would just have been told this information from their npc allies), putting them back to where the rest of the "Fated" (or whatever one might call the chosen group) once the situation is resolved (and the player is back again) ;)

The Astral Space is "on fire" from the start of the campaign. Since nothing is mentioned of a bleed towards the Ethereal Plane the Fateholders should probably be safe from the Burning Sky. Anything else cosmically that might influence this idea?

The Trillith would probably count to the group of "psionic" creatures that Fateholders hunt. Any ideas how it might still be possible to have the pcs try to be on a neutral or maybe friendly basis with some of the Trillith even if they are "Favored by Fate"?

Comments, ideas, ...?

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i don't have WotBS, so i might be wrong here (i'm drawing inferences off of adventure descriptions and the campaign guide), but don't the players wake up trilla and thus destroy the trillith anyway? sounds like so long as the players succeed, the trillith problem will solve itself, even if the players make friends with some (hell, maybe waking up trilla is exactly why the fateholder favours them to begin with).

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