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We are here again!! Now Funded in only 8 Minutes! You guys are the best!!

What is Fatum?

FATUM is a powerful yet easy tool designed to create full-flegded stories for your fantasy RPG characters.

Enjoy creating new characters and their own unique stories. In no time you’ll have a full-developed chronicle for your PC (or NPC!)

FATUM deck allows you to:

-Generate characters and their linked stories in a short time.
-Produce a quick yet full story for an NPC (Non Player Character) when suddendly required on the table.
-Build a character story on the fly for a game in course.
-In case of a story partially created, finish it later quickly and randomly.

Access our Kickstarter Page:

Fatum Dark Myths

The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents. We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity, and it was not meant that we should voyage far
(“The Call of Cthulhu”, August or September, 1926 H.P. Lovecraft)

And thus, Dark Myths is born. Swimming in that ocean of placid ignorance, leaving the creation of our bonds and relationships to the hazardous currents, without delving into our fears.

That would be the literary description of our new deck. A deck that, as you can see, is fully immersed in the myths of H.P. Lovecraft. Dark Myths’ ambience can be used in many settings that match any period of the last century, always loaded with hints of terror and mystery.

Dark Myths cards are fully compatible with our previous products. The cards from this new deck can be added to the Fantasy Fatum Deck to increase the possibilities, or vice-versa, your favorite cards from Fantasy Fatum Deck can be added to Dark Myths Deck.

Following the same mechanics used in Fatum, we have incorporated a new type of card: "The Personality". This time, the class, vocation, external appearance, strength, or complexion are no longer key elements of the character. What matters in this deck is their personality: what they show in moments of tension and fear, those secrets they won’t share with anyone.

The new Personality Cards are intended to be used as the core of this deck. Additionally, they can be used to give extra information about any of your characters from the Fantasy Fatum Deck. Draw a Personality Card every time a bond appears in your relationships or to describe your Class or Race to add a touch of personality to your character and the people that influence their story.

Do not miss all the new content and Expansions we made available tou you.

Thank you so much!!!
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