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Kickstarter Fatum - GM's Oracle


From Fatum Studio, we are going with our last Fatum Collection Crowfunding project. Please feel free to enter our campaign page, and join our new adventure, we will continue updating this page with new info!

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"By the weave of magic and the dance of the gods, the destinies of mortals are shaped and entwined."


Amidst the heavenly peaks where gods wield their divine influence, we introduce our latest creation: Fatum - GM's Oracle. Drawing inspiration from the awe-inspiring realm of classic pantheons and the enchanting worlds of TTRPGs, this deck of cards is a narrative oracle, revealing the intricate threads of fate that bind mortals and immortals alike.

In Fatum - GM's Oracle, we explore the profound interplay between gods and those destined for greatness, echoing the timeless sentiment that heroes are but pawns in he grand scheme of cosmic entities.

Key Features of Fatum - GM's Oracle:

Unlock the Essence of Creation:

With Fatum - GM's Oracle, seize the power to shape the very foundations of your adventures. Craft the beginnings of epic tales, determine the equipment your characters embark with from their creation, and unveil the rewards of their quests. Peer into the intricate lives of NPCs, discerning their intentions, whether benevolent or malevolent, and uncover a myriad of possibilities to enrich your storytelling tapestry.
Are you prepared for the Oracle's guidance? Secure your Fatum - GM's Oracle deck and be among the first to wield the weave of the very fabric of destiny.

Unleash a multiverse of options:
Navigate the multiverse of possibilities, adding unpredictable elements to your storytelling canvas.

GM’s Oracle Fusion:
Seamlessly integrate Fatum - GM's Oracle with our previous decks. Combine cards from this oracle with any other Fatum product to unlock an expansive realm of storytelling possibilities.

Newcomers, fear not! Embark on Your Epic Journey: Craft Your Saga!

Step into the shoes of seasoned heroes and embark on an epic journey. Are you ready to heed the Oracle's guidance? Embrace your destiny.For those seeking adventure, this project offers a gateway to endless possibilities. Whether you're a seasoned explorer or new to uncharted territories, now's your chance to acquire the complete Fatum Collection at a special price! Get the Fatum Collection and the Storyteller's Box to hold the entire world in your hands.

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