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5E Favorite 5e monster


I got really curious to know what are other DMs favorite monsters so i decided to ask here, it can be your favorite monster for any reason, maybe its involved in a relly epic scene in one of your campaigns or its a really fun monster to play or maybe even you just like it and dont know why.

I really like the Ironscale Hydra from Mythic Odysseys of Theros, first because i kinda just really like hydras and this is the best one in d&d in my opinion and second because its design is super good.

I also really like Frost Giants and don't know why, i just think their cool.

(It can also be a homebrewed monster if you really want)
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I have several, but will list a few that I use most often, in worldbuilding and low level encounters.


Also, I use goblins themed as WoW Murlocs.

Players hate that sound when near the water.