Favourite non-standard polyhedral

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I have literally just ordered a set of game science dice which has a d3, d5, d24 and a couple of others I think (d2? :p), so I am looking forward to shoe horning them into my game somewhere!


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This was meant to have a poll with it, but something went wrong :erm: . Anyone know how I can add poll after the 10 minute interval?

FYI, here were my intended options

d2 - coin flips and binary lots are the only true randomisers
d3 - modest and acceptable in all major RPGS
d12 (rhombic dodecahedron) - the only way to play Cthulhu
d24 - 'cause I know what an Archimedian Dual is
d30 - it's just waiting for its chance for the big time
d1,000 - 'cause I like big tables
d10,000 - 'cause I like really big tables
other - if they make it, I'll roll it

I have a d14, d16, several d24s and a d30, and two d7s. I also have a 20-sided d10 which I'm quite fond of. I use most of them every once in awhile, just for funsies.


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I've actually used a d7, d14 and d30. Oh, as well as the crazy ol' d100. But that was ages ago.

I wouldn't mind owning several more, however.


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I don't have many non-standard die. I have a few D30s I bought in a warehouse-sized game store in San Francisco and a d100, as well as some unusual versions of standard die.

Of them, my personal favorite is my d100.

Its light enough to throw at people who are being disruptive.

I can rattle it like a snake to show my annoyance as DM.

Oh yeah- I can roll it like a d100!

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Every game we roll a d34 to see what our random Medusapussy song of the night is.

No, I'm not kidding. The d34 actually belongs to a friend I haven't seen in ages, but I still intend to- someday- return it to him...


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Non-standard, prolly d30.

Wonky sizes I own:

d18(Not even remotely fair)
d26(Even more not remotely fair)
d32(Glass ball with indents, kind of like a glass golfball with fewer dips)
d50(Dipyramid, nearly unrollable due to size and weight)

I want to see d48s, d60s and d120s. They're 'fair' dice, regular polyhedrons. Dunno wtf I'd do with 'em but they'd be fun to have.


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The d30. I use it with the old Armory d30 tables by Bob Liddil, the new d30 tables by Bob Liddill, Chaos University, and The Window.


I have a Louis Zocchi d07 and a weird shaped d6 that I think I got in a Dungeon or Dragon Magazine polybag mailing wrapper as a giveaway. I also have a d30 labeled 0 to 9, +0 to +9 and -0 to -9.


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For the most part I'd have to say d10 ... which is not one of the Five Platonic Solids (d2, d6, d8, d12, d20) ;)

Aside from that, I have a fondness for the zocchihedron (d100 -- points to those who remember this name and why it came about!) and, to a lesser extent, the d30


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I've always wanted a d12 shaped like a Rhombic Dodecahedron, rather than the pentagon-faced dodecahedron that we usually get.


d5. I used it in Iron Heroes for Chainmail variable DR. I currently use it in Dark Heresy for weapons that do d5 damage. My GM even lets players get Righteous Fury on a natural 5 (thus doubling the chances!).


I love to roll D30 in Cypher on rare occasions instead of spending effort.
In my set, you can only roll the D30 if you have a specific Cypher that allows you to do so!


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I play a lot of Dungeon Crawl Classics, which uses a dice chain consisting of a d3, d4, d5, d6, d7, d8, d10, d12, d14, d16, d20, d24 and d20.

Of those, the d5, d16, and d24 get used the most. But that's just because of the specific traits of characters in my main group; in others the d7 and d14 have seen heavy use too.


It was a dice we were not suppose to see. A friend of mine and his wife played D&D with us. One gaming night he took out the dice from his pouch and there it was, a d6 with sexual positions. There was a moment of silence, the wife's face turned white, the husband laughed. We all laughed and then played D&D. That die was never seen again. 🙃

I have two alphabetical d10s. They came with Battleship Galaxies by Hasbro. You roll it with a regular d10 to determine which square of a spaceship is hit. A-10? Hit !!!


D10 is the only non-standard polyhedral I regularly use. I actually don't think I have any weirder dice than that in my collection.

Edit: at least shape-wise. If you include symbols, the Star Wars dice are my favorites.
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