Pathfinder 2E Fear in the Forest on PF2-sday! And coming soon, the Cartomancer!


This PF2-sday brings you the Boreal Bestiary for Pathfinder Second Edition, featuring a variety of vicious villains perfect for populating the far-off frozen forests of your game world! Inspired by myths and legends of cold climates around the world, you'll find 10 richly developed and beautifully illustrated for you to insert in your campaign, plus bonus bits like special weapons and treasures associated with these terrifying haunters of the winter woods! These monsters are perfect for any power level, from tiny terrors like the low-CR insect-loving gruen and the chilling green children to the mighty maniitok and diabolical hiisi trapmasters, each one sure to give your heroes nightmares and leave you cackling with glee! It's also an ideal companion volume to the Coldwood Codex for Pathfinder Second Edition, with even more fantastic fey and undead of the chilly north! Grab this 28-page monster book today at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, Amazon, and DrivethruRPG!


Of course, monster books like these are terrific for the GM, but we want to take care of our Pathfinder 2E players too! We've created a number of PF2 classes adapted from old-school PF1 like the Legendary Kineticists: Second Edition and Legendary Mesmerists: Second Edition, as well as the brand-new Legendary Cabalists: Second Edition, and we gearing up for our next all-new PF2 class, the Cartomancer! The manuscript is complete and we are just waiting on a few pieces of art to come back before we send it to layout, but it's coming your way in June! For a quick preview...

The Cartomancer

For others, cards are a diversion, a source of profit, or maybe a means of peaking into the future; for you, they are the stuff of magic itself. Your touch turns a deck of cards into a stack of spells, each draw unlocking new power. The stuff of chance, your magic waxes and wanes with the luck of the draw. Play the hand you are dealt, or toss it away and hope for a better one?

During Combat Encounters...

You draw your cards, receiving a variety of powers based on chance. You might risk a close fight, using spells and throwing cards, or you may stand back and support your allies and weaken your foes. Given time, you can always reshuffle the deck, but in the heat of battle you must balance drawing and playing cards against using up your deck.

During Social Encounters...

Your natural charisma and fondness of games of chance can win you friends...or debtors.

While Exploring...

You may have an ace up your sleeve that solves the problem, but you are as likely to take risks to get past a challenge quickly, winning bets on your own prowess or falling hard.

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