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Feat for assessment.

Bold or Stupid

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I've mulling this one over for a while. One of my players misses her full attack.

Follow-up Strike

Prereqs - TBA

Benefit - After making an attack, make a basic melee attack at -5 as a move action.

What do people think? Are any Prereqs needed? I was thinking Str 15 or Dex 15 and maybe Con 13. Though I'm also fine to just make it a Paragon Feat. Does it need that big a penalty?

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As is it's too good, a free attack, even at a penalty every round is unbalancing.

I'd suggest changing it to "Whenever the character misses with a daily power that does NOT deal damage on a miss, they may make a basic attack (melee or ranged) with a -X (not sure what X should be) penalty as a free action".

Not quite what your player is looking for but much more balanced.

If they want itterative attacks, the Ranger double weapon powers could easily be reflavoured as attacking twice(or more depending on the power) with the same weapon. Of course they'd have to be a ranger.....


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Perhaps it can only follow a basic attack. Kind of an improvised Twin Strike, etc.

Alternatively, perhaps it can only follow an encounter and/or daily power, in order to limit the number of times it can actually be used.



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[Paragon Feat]
Full Attack Action
Prerequisites: Dexterity 15, Constitution 13
Benefit: When you spend an action point to take an extra action, if that action is a basic attack you may make another basic attack with a -2 penalty as a free action.


Note that this is probably very overpowered with Extra Damage action... hrm. rewording slightly.

[Paragon Feat]
Full Attack Action
Prerequisites: Dexterity 15, Constitution 13
Benefit: Once per encoutner, you cna spend an action point to make two basic attacks as free actions, instead of taking an extra action.

This way prevents silly paragon paths from overlapping.

EDIT#3: No, that's way overpowered. Hrm. How to balance this? With a -2 is kinda... icky, but it might be the answer.
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