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D&D General Feedback Request: I built a tool with which you can easily make, save/load your own random generators (hundreds of them), from simple to complex


Hi all,

Attached you can find my "Random Generator Builder" and its user guide. I haven't published it on my online store yet (not giving a link so this does not sound like self-promotion) but this is the final form I plan to publish and I'd love to hear what you guys think.

It's a Javascript-based PDF document and works best with the following (free) apps:

For Android: Foxit Pdf Editor
For iOS: PDF Expert by Readdle and Foxit PDF Editor
For computers: Adobe Acrobat

The user guide seems rather long (3 pages) but it's nothing complicated, it's just step by step demonstrations of three examples on how to use the tool.

Thanks in advance!


  • BuffYouUp's Random Generator Builder.pdf
    5.6 MB · Views: 37
  • User Guide for Random Generator Builder.pdf
    930.8 KB · Views: 43

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