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Release Feywild Companion -- 150 pages of Feywild fun for players and DMs!


Everything you need to go Feywild!

The beauty and danger of the Feywild is yours to explore with this 150-page treasury of player and dungeon master content. Inside you will find hours of Feywild and fey-inspired fun, including:

• 2 lineages and a race
• 13 subclasses, one for each class including lore tables
• 2 backgrounds
• 13 spells
• 4 feats
• 4 familiars
• 16 magic items ranging from common to legendary, each one illustrated
• 16 flowers of the Feywild that double as a new consumable items
• 50 trinkets
• 50 wild effects
• 31 monsters from CR 0 to 25
• 17 NPCs including an archfey villain
• 2 complete adventures for levels 1-8
• 6 encounters for levels 1-11
• 56 adventure hooks
• 3 VTT maps including grid/no-grid and day/night for a total of 24 variations
• 79 VTT tokens

Plus . . .
• A brand new domain of delight for the Feywild with a map, history, archfey, adventure hooks, and more!
• Optional rules to accurately increase or decrease monster size!
• Optional rules for handling fey crossings and cold iron!
• Printer-friendly version included!
• Bookmarked and hyperlinked for ease of navigation!

DM's Guild link: Feywild Companion - Dungeon Masters Guild | Dungeon Masters Guild








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