Fiction in Dragon magazine

Agamon said:
Exactly. Those two examples were great reads. The fiction doesn't need to be "D&D related", whatever that actually means. That's pretty close-minded.

I disagree. I like a wide range of fantasy fiction. My D&D fiction is only a tiny portion of my novel collection.


In a magazine specifically devoted to D&D, I don't think there's anything wrong with the notion that the fiction be devoted to or inspired by the game as well.

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Getting lost in fantasy maps
The fiction I really got a lot out of was the old Voyage of the Princess Ark series. The serialized stories set in a fully D&D setting. Excellent stuff. Probably a model for the sorts of fiction stories that would get me to come back for more.


Glyfair said:
I've been going through the early issues of The Dragon in another thread, issue by issue. I think a lot of this is just looking back through a lens of nostalgia.

"Excellent Fiction" - Yes, clearly there was that. There was just as much poor fiction, too.

"The writing was rich and dense and assumed a highly educated audience" - sometimes. Just as often it was sophomoric and written to the lowest common denominator. Take a look at Len Lakofka's first credited article in The Dragon, it was incredibly sexist (I was really suprised when I read it recently that they would publish that drivel) and not worthy of his later writing.

The current issues certainly assume an educated audience in some articles. Look at the recent Demonomicon articles. These would easily slide alongside any of the quality articles of yesteryear and hold their own.

"Sometimes there would be 2 or 3 concise articles on a single page!" - It was pretty easy to do that when you could put a chart in the magazine and call it an article. Once in a while you might add a paragraph of explanation. Wow, what great writing!

Yes, The Dragon had some great stuff. Yes, the paradigm of the magazine was very different. Today it has to compete with the internet. A lot of the things that they published in those days would not fly today (the "charticles" is the obvious example), or you can easily get free with a quick search of the web. However, a lot of what was there in the old days is still floating around.

It's always nice when people can look back and actually give an honest appraisal of what went on back then, rather than looking at it through the lens of a few decades. Those decade long lenses tend to be damn foggy. :)

I liked the Fool Wolf series and the Princess Ark stuff was great too.


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GreyShadow said:
Does anyone know if there is a list of fiction that has been in Dragon?


Here is one such list. List of Dragon Magazine Fiction. The list is sorted by author and by story title. It also lists issue number and page number. I think it is comprehensive. It runs to at least 343, which is just an issue or two ago.

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I don't want fiction in DRAGON, I want RPG stuff. (No, I don't consider statting up a character from a piece of fiction, as 'rpg material'.) There's plenty of other places I can get fiction if I want it.


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I can take it or leave it.

Heck, just through coincidence, I've picked up a few issues for back reading purposes and it had Fool Wolf in both magazines so that was enjoyable.

I've also enjoyed Ben Bova's Orion meets Kind Arthur bits. Good stuff.


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I'd start reading dragon again if it had better fiction. I generally read it before I read the mechanics. Now a days, I just wait for mechanics to be reprinted in some source book.


I like fiction in Dragon. D&D -based or not, I may actually get the most mileage out of a short story than any of the articles. I always read the fiction, but it's a rarer event that stuff from the game finds its way into my game, because that requires me to keep the magazine with me at the gaming table, or photocopy or type up the required bits and print it out, plus think how the stuff integrates with my campaign. I'm not saying it doesn't happen, but it certainly doesn't happen with every issue.

So, bring on the fiction.

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