Release FIE, I SAY! The D6 Comedy-Fantasy-Parody RPG now available!


And what better day than April Fools Day than to officially release FIE, I SAY! The Comedy-Fantasy-Parody RPG recently funded on Kickstarter! Both the core rules and the first official Donjon Delve "The Smell of Menace" are now available at DTRPG!

FIE, I SAY! is a humorous RPG in the vein of all of those other Serious Fantasy Roleplaying Games. (You know, the “Ampersand RPGs” that have dungeons, dragons, tunnels, trolls, castles, crusades, wizards, warriors, and other alliterations.) In this light-hearted parody of Old School Fantasy RPGs, FIE, I SAY! encourages madcap adventures where the characters are out of their league, the villains are out of patience, and the players are likely out of their minds.

FIE, I SAY! is based on the classic D6 game system made famous back in the 1980s. Those who opt for the print version will get a 66-page, 6x9 book fully illustrated by artists Aaron Siddall, J. V. West, and Bruno Junges. FIE, I SAY! is also licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0, so if you'd like to create your own materials for it, please feel free to do so.

FIE, I SAY! includes:
  • Rules for creating your adventurer! You can be anything from a square-jawed paladin to a slack-jawed llama herder!
  • The FIE, I SAY! roleplaying system! Instructions on resolving actions, setting a difficulty number, lots of examples of play, and even how to make your own FIE! die!
  • 8 pregenerated characters! Want to get started right away? Grab one of these premade fantasy cliches and get to questin'!
  • 12 NPCs to befriend and/or thwart! If the DM needs a barkeep, soothsayer, or evil wizard, they can check out this handy directory of Fantasy Folks to toss in the players' path!
  • 58 monsters to, y'know, befriend and/or thwart! A mini monster manual is provided, from bridge-dwelling trolls to fire-breathing dragons and every other fantasy RPG terror you can imagine -- and a few you couldn't!
  • And, of course, the "FIE, I SAY! Obligatory Introductory Adventure"! Can your players stop the evil Baron Balthazar Von Bloodstayne and his Skulleton Army and get back to the Shrieking Weasel Inn before last call?
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