Fighter bonus feats list?


Has anyone got a complete list of all the feats that are allowed to be taken as fighter bonus feats (either all such feats from any book ever published, or more realistically all such feats from any wotc book ever published), along with the books they come from? (I just need an index, not a description of each feat)

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Mr Fidgit

First Post
okay, here's my quick attempt at listing the bonus fighter feats from the books i have on hand (OA - Oriental Adventures; FRCS - Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting; S&F - Sword and Fist (added in the errata); ELH - Epic Level handbook)

Combat Reflexes
...Spring Attack
Exotic Weapon Proficiency
...Improved Disarm
...Improved Trip
...Whirlwind Attack
Improved Critical
Improved Initiative
Improved Unarmed Strike
...Deflect Arrows
...Stunning Attack
Mounted Combat
...Mounted Archery
...Spirited Charge
Point Blank Shot
...Far Shot
...Precise Shot
...Rapid Shot
...Shot on the Run
Power Attack
...Improved Bull Rush
...Great Cleave
Quick Draw
Two-Weapon Fighting
...Improved Two-Weapon Fighting
Weapon Finesse
Weapon Focus
Weapon Specialization

Prone Attack (OA (and S&F))
Superior Expertise (OA)

Close Quarters Fighting (S&F)
Death Blow (S&F)
Dual Strike (S&F)
Expert Tactician (S&F)
Hold the Line (S&F)
Improved Overrun (S&F)
Improved Sunder (S&F)
Knock-Down (S&F)
Off-Hand Parry (S&F)
Pin Shield (S&F)
Power Lunge (S&F)
Prone Attack (S&F (and OA))
Rapid Reload (S&F)
Sharp-Shooting (S&F)
Shield Expert (S&F)
Snatch Arrows (S&F)

Foe Hunter (FRCS)
Horse Nomad (FRCS)
Saddleback (FRCS)
Twin Sword Style (FRCS)


Armor Skin
Combat Archery
Damage Reduction
Devastating Critical
Dire Charge
Distant Shot
Epic Endurance
Epic Leadership
Epic Prowess
Epic Toughness
Epic Weapon Focus
Epic Weapon Specialization
Exceptional Deflection
Improved Combat Reflexes
Improved Manyshot
Improved Stunning Fist
Improved Whirlwind Attack
Infinite Deflection
Instant Reload
Legendary Commander
Legendary Rider
Legendary Wrestler
Overwhelming Critical
Penetrate Damage Reduction
Perfect Two-Weapon Fighting
Reflect Arrows
Spellcasting Harrier
Storm of Throws
Superior Initiative
Swarm of Arrows
Two-Weapon Rend
Uncanny Accuracy

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