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Fighter sub-class: tactician


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[h=2]Fighter sub-class: tactician[/h]

I just re-do my december 2014 scout sub-class as a fighter archetype. This is non-magical archetype that rely on intelligence. Intelligence as a secondary class. is only useful for wizards eldritch knights and skill lovers so i`ll give more dept

Intuit cover (level 3)

When you are targeted by an attack, you can use a reaction to move up to your speed, and may drop prone, before determining whether the attack hits or misses. (You can move behind cover if it exists, including your allies, and prone protects against ranged attacks.) Additionally, allies who can hear you may also take a reaction to do the same.
Intelligence save(level 3)
You gain proficiency in Intelligence saving throw.

Maneuvers Analysis (level 7)
Humanoids attacks are still unpredictable, but your found a pattern in maneuvers. Your checks against being Disarmed, Grappled, Overrun, Shoved, Tumbled past, or Pushed Aside are advantaged, as are your saving throws against Battle Master maneuvers. You also get advantage on ST saves caused by non- magical means.

Analysing Defense Patterns (level 10)
You get a damage bonus against a specific humanoid race equal to your intelligence modifier, as you can analyse defense patterns You should observe the creature in advance for at least one minute or success perception roll of dc 15 if only taking one action, All allies hearing your instructions get half your intelligence bonus, round down, against the same creature. More than one race can be analysed at the same time. You can only analyse one race at once.

at 18th level, this bonus apply to monsters and animals as well as aberations.

Analytical Mind(level 15 ) this feature is from wdalright (https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B65bZeJ2KziZZk8xLVVUbU9SeVE/view)

At 15th level, you can substitute your Intelligence score and modifier for your Wisdom score and modifier for purposes of saving throws and ability checks. You are considered proficient in Wisdom saving throws.
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