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files removed?

Attention EN World overlord. Some files I had uploaded to the Downloads Section under Miscellany regarding a conversion house rule set of 4 have been removed. Is there some violation?


Staff member
I kept asking whether it was actually being updated (and if so, some note or changelog being needed) as it seemed to be simply being bumped every few days. You never replied, so I figured maybe that would finally get your attention. Seems it worked!

Are the files being updated every few days? If so, that's fine, but from the onlooker's perspective it looks like you're just bumping it to keep it in the recent list, which costs a position in that list to files which actually are recent. If they are being updated, a quick note each time will clear that up nicely! :)
I don't recall getting a message or query; where would I see that? I update those files when I have chance, usually on the weekend, which recently has been most weekends. Should I note updates on the referring thread or is there a tag line/subject line when I edit the files?

Thank you.