Kickstarter Final 48 hours for my gothic action RPG When the Moon Hangs Low on Kickstarter


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When the Moon Hangs Low is a gothic action RPG inspired by Bloodborne, Darkest Dungeon, and a range of other sources to create a grim, monster-hunting game in which you must manage your character’s mental resolve as much as their other resources if you hope to survive.

It’s now entering the final 48 hours and we’re currently at 90% funded and so close to our goal, so if you could take a look and consider sharing or backing it’d be greatly appreciated.

Link to the Kickstarter here

In WTMHL players take on the role of hunters: people marked by a chance encounter with the forces of darkness and left with supernatural powers and an inescapable curse. Drawn to Harrowmire, a decaying pseudo-Victorian city in the grip of a terrible plague, the hunters are all that stands between the people of the Cursed City and complete chaos.

This campaign is to fund a fully-artworked printed edition of the already gold best-selling PDF on DrivethruRPG. If successful the new book will be filled with bespoke artwork by talented creators, and also come with a custom soundtrack to accompany your games.

In addition, the book will contain a range of backer-created content including two new Marks, two new monsters, and five new NPCs. I’ll also be adding the GM-less supplement I created earlier in the campaign as it was so well received by backers.

Thanks for reading.

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