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Finished Always On Time Spoilers


This modules went much quicker than the previous one. We ran this one over 7 monthly sessions. I had a lot of fun with this module. I printed out the train cars and pasted them on foam core.

One player tried to date Boone and be attacked by him. Another player came along and freed him only to be attacked herself. Boone was later captured and placed in jail. Malia also went to jail for her role in the robbery. The players followed Ottavia out to the island, but turned back before disembarking. The watched Recklinghausen die, but helped Damata regain his honor. Highlight was when they tried to carry off Nicodemus, who reverted back to the Bleak Gate when he hit the edge of the circle.

The module was a lot of fun. If you want to read the details, check out the full description in my blog: http://parhoon-naval-yards.blogspot.de/search/label/Always On Time

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