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If you have a finished Story Hour, you can now post the link here so it will be easily found.


Only add finished Story Hours. A thread is considered a completed story hour if the thread is no longer updated and has a clear end to the whole story or is a finished chapter or a larger cycle (i.e. the campaign continues in another thread).

Use the same title for the link here as in the Story Hour forum. If you have files relating to your Story Hours you want to add here, you can create pages here and link them under your relevant Story Hour link. Please title those pages appropriately, i.e. "Peter's Pathfinder Project's PCs" if the SH is called "Peter's Pathfinder Project" so it is easy to see that those belong together.

If you would like readers to leave comments, you could add a reader opinions page.

Please add a short description under your link so prospective readers will know if they are interested or not.

Leave 3 blank lines between the last SH link and your links. It makes it easier to find connected links that way.

Only edit your own stuff. If you happen to know of a finished SH where the creator is not around anymore, you may add it but please do not edit anything else but giving the link and if you have a short description for it.

As this is a completely new project, other things may come to mind and some things might change.

A Tale of Christmas Cheer by Steveroo "Christmas? In a dungeon?"

A Tale of Sorrow by Steveroo "Bad apples in a traveling circus."

Bitterness Overcome - by Nonlethal Force "A set of freedom fighters put their own life on the line for the freedom of others."

Barrow of the Forgotten Story Hour - By Abciximab. Adventures through the Barrow of the Forgotten King Trilogy.

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I don't understand why we wouldn't want finished story hours to ever be bumped. I'd list mine here, but I don't want it locked. I want new readers to be able to continue to comment and through that commenting make it visible to other folks.

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