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This is a great theme for a campaign - since my wife is Filipina, I have been working on a Polynesian & Filipino pantheon - and you have just done the work for me on the Polynesian side (by far the largest and most complex). GREAT JOB! Now, is there a place I can go to buy or download the finished product as a single package?! Thanks again for all your effort! - Dakkar

Heya - interesting to see this. I've posted about it on Gametime, a New Zealand RPG groupblog. You can find that here:
gametime: Maori mythology in D&D terms

I just wanted to say this is a great piece of work. Thanks.
Thanks for the support! It is still a work in progress; I hope to have it finalized sometime this fall. I am glad that you like it.

Right now, I am working on the "How To Use This Document" section. My goal is to have some tips and suggestions for fitting this pantheon into different game worlds, like Forgotten Realms, Kulan, Burning Sky, Dragonlance, and Eberron. The trouble is, I don't know these game worlds well enough to do them justice.

If you use a published game setting and have some ideas on how the Fire Islands pantheon would fit into it, I could really use your help. :)


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This is an awesome replacement for shifter culture. just rip them out of the forests and throw them on islands. I am seriously thinking of doing it the next time I run Dungeons and Dragons, everybody seems to have fallen in love with shifters in my gaming group, so it's an aweshum fit. Have you looked at the spirit shaman class? perhaps you can make some substitution levels so that it is tweaked more towards the setting your playing with. For this class, ‘spirits’ are defined as the following: Incorporeal Undead, Fey, Creatures in Astral Form or with Astral Bodies, Creatures with the ‘spirit’ subtype (see Oriental Adventures), Spirit Folk, Telthors, & spirit creatures created by spells such as Dream Sight & Wood Wose. At 20th, they become Fey type. Me thinks that the kind of conflict that goes on in Maori mythology is very much the kind that goes on in the conflict of human versus fey in Dungeons and Dragons, meaning the Natural versus the Alien. Some fey are evil, most aren't and thier conflict with humans is because the rules for either are abbhorent to the other.


Limit Break Dancing

Just doing a little threadromancy here from 2008, to see how this project is doing and solicit some feedback from it. I am kicking around the idea of releasing the whole campaign setting (not just the pantheon) early next year, if there is enough interest.

Has anyone downloaded the Fire Islands Pantheon? Did you take it for a test drive in your D&D/Pathfinder game? What did you think? What would you add or remove?
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