5E For Your Consideration: D&D (5e) How to Build a Warlock for Combat


I'm sorry, Dave. I'm afraid I can't do that.
1. Congratulations on publishing an article on D&D! Keep it up!

2. I like the whole "For Your Consideration" as a title. I think I will give you the Oscar.


Jewel of the North
[FONT="]Hey, guys. I just humbly published one of my first articles ever on D&D. This time, I covered how to min-max a Warlock for combat. I hope you guys enjoy. Thank you all for your time and I wish you each a pleasant day.[/FONT][/COLOR]
As it was said to you in your previous ''guides'' posts, you cant have a score lower than 8 at Chargen (unless you roll it, that is)

At your Dungeon Master's option, you can use this variant for determining your ability scores. The method described here allows you to build a character with a set of ability scores you choose individually. You have 27 points to spend on your ability scores. Using this method, 15 is the highest ability score you can end up with, before applying racial increases. Vou can't have a score lower than 8.
PHB p.13
First? More like the third one you've posted to these forums, and with terrible advice in them. Now, it's clear that you don't care about the opinions of anyone on this forum and are just using this as an advertising platform, because you've yet to respond to a single critique on any of your other posts; so this is probably a waste of my time. But still, I think it's important to call attention to how flawed, rushed, and uninformed your guides are. Fortunately, you don't write these things to be very long, so it shouldn't take too much time.

When it comes to choosing a race, no race meshes with the warlock class quite as well as the tiefling. That being said, dragonborns also provide minimal improvements to your charisma bonus.
So, there is nothing inherently wrong with this sentiment, but it endemic to a problem that features frequently in this article, which is a lack of meaningful explanations. The author throws statements, but never explains the why or the how. This happens several times in his opening thesis as well.

The chosen feats are all about boosting your damage and your sustain. With this build, you will be able to wield a sword and shield. You will then use your smite spells to buff your melee damage, while using blur to increase your sustain....
...Most of the warlock’s damage is going to be coming from their smite spells.
Well, golly, I hope not, because casting Blur, you're only going to have one smite per short rest! And let's not forget the fact that both Blur and the Smite line of spells are Concentration! The author also gives a list of recommended spells and invocations, and neither the Warlocks Smite Invocation, which would allow for non-Concentration smiting, nor any of the lower smite spells are listed on them. This is the only smite spell recommended:

Banishing Smite: This spell will be responsible for most of your melee damage, while also providing some nice crowd control.
and then goes on to say:

These spells are pretty much paramount for this build. This character’s combat effectiveness relies largely on banishing smite and eldritch blast. Mirror image, shield and blur will be incredibly useful whenever you need to tank for your team.
And then the stat distribution he recommends is:

Strength: 6
Dexterity: 20
Constitution: 14
Intelligence: 6
Wisdom: 6
Charisma: 20

Which is the most cataclysmically terrible advice I've ever seen on these forums. If you are in melee range, and you have a Strength of 6, your AC doesn't matter. You are just going to be grappled. This isn't Pillars of Eternity. Just because something is a dump stat doesn't mean you can dump it to the lowest possible score it can reach, and still expect to be successful (also, who the hell actually plays with point buy, let's be real here; granted, the author does mention that some DMs will have you roll your stats, though he doesn't say what you should do in this oh so rare situation).

Oh yeah, and that Int and Wis of 6 means that all your character is going to be doing is laughing on ground or writing articles like this.


Hmm, he's still posting these "guides" on his site, but not announcing them here any more. Guess he didn't like the responses from those of us who went there to reply.

Gladius Legis

On that same site of his, he's got classes tiered ... and has the Wizard as one of the two worst classes in 5e.

That should tell you all you need to know about anything he writes.