Forgotten Lore (Updated M-W-F)


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
Thank you for your time and effort. It was another good story, less epic in power and scope, but still gripping.

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Glad you enjoyed it. It's a lot quieter here now than back when I was posting my earlier stories, but I enjoy getting the feedback of regular readers. These stories have always been a fun way of familiarizing myself with new editions of D&D.


I have published the first part of Forgotten Lore as an ebook at Smashwords. It's cleaned up, edited, and trimmed down a bit (I removed the D&D-specific elements to avoid any copyright issues with WotC/Hasbro). The book is available in most of the major ebook formats, including mobi/Kindle, epub, and PDF. It's a free release, and I plan on releasing the other books later this year. I will leave the the complete story here in its original format for folks to enjoy.


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