Forgotten RPGs for your amusement and/or interests

Here's the Forgotten RPGs series on my blog that covers out of print, rare, and unusual games. There are 13 posts so far, each covering 6 titles. For example, who has heard of Dawnfire or Excursion into the Bizarre?

You can either start with post 1: Brett's Blog

or Read all of them on one page: Brett's Blog

Which ones do you have? Which ones are your favorite? Which ones would you like to pick up (if possible)?

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I want to love It Came from the Late, Late, Late Show. It's a fun premise but it's almost like it was written by two competing authors, one wanting to make a new type of game and the other just wrapping up traditional RPG elements in quirky trappings. I saw a blog post describing it as ludonarrative dissonance and that really fits.

I have a fantasy where I have more time, motivation, and writing ability and write a love letter game with a rule set more in the vein of Fate or Fiasco. I've run it with a bunch of house rules but it was a lot of work and it felt like I was just using the rule books as props rather than references.


I still own and run Stalking the Night Fantastic (though I do use the more modern "Bureau 13" iteration, it's largely the same game). Still have all of the other original Tri-Tac systems as well. They are all also still available from Tri-Tac.

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