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Formatting- Quotes Not Coming Out Correctly

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Staff member
Interesting. When I went back to your quote and looked in your post using the .edit feature, I could plainly see the color control had been formatted in, namely “COLOR=#333333”, right after the “QUOTE”.

Can you not see that?


Staff member
Color formatting is the problem in some way. I can see the quote exists, but the formatting makes it invisible.

Is it invisible to you, as in "If I select the text, or change my color scheme, it appears!"

... or is it invisible, as in ... not there?
The former.

my color scheme is default text on black background of that helps (I’m computer incompetent so that is the best I got).


I use the traditional colour scheme (white post text, orange button text, on black background).

In the post I mentioned in the "literary endeavour" thread there are two quote blocks. The first I can read. The second is, for me, an empty quote block. When I highlight it the text appears. I assume that the text has COLOR tags around it that are making it black.

In the past when posters have had this issue I believe it's been because they're preparing posts in Word or some similar formatting-rich environment, and then when they copy-and-paste into the message board editor the formatting tags are carried along with the text.
[MENTION=6799753]lowkey13[/MENTION], I can't recall if this is a recurrent feature of your posts or not. In the case of the particular post I commented on it was the particluar context of the phrase "My last post", which I realised I'd probably misinterpreted, that made the invisible quote salient to me. Maybe you've had invisible quotes in the past too but I haven't commented on them because it hasn't seemed to matter in that context.

So anyway, after writing the above I went back through the thread and found post 409 on May 21st (my time). It has 3 quoteblocks. One is fully visible to me. One is fully invisible to me (unless I hightlight text). One is invisible except for the last six words.

So I don't think this has anything to do with https. I would guess it's to do with the environment where you are writing/editing your posts.

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