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Fort Bend County, Texas - Into D&D and/or Star Wars?

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These are both in-person games. As these are home games, if you'd like to come, we'd need to meet you first. Best way to do that is to come to one of our public meetups at Fort Bend Tabletop Gaming (Richmond, TX). If that's impossible, message me and we'll figure something out.

D&D: 5th edition adaptation of Classic Modules and Star Wars: Imperial Assault - Jabba's Realm

Let's start with D&D.
This campaign will run classic Dungeons & Dragons modules, updated for fifth edition. The first Classic Campaign will use the following modules:
B1: In Search of the Unknown (1978)
B2: The Keep on the Borderlands (1979)
X1: The Isle of Dread (1981)
S4: The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth (1982)
WG4: The Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun (1982)
S1: The Tomb of Horrors (1978)
There will be a flexible technology ban at the table. Session Zero is January 7th, beginning at 3:00.

There will be absolutely no trigger warnings, at all, whatsoever.

For information on character creation and the campaign in general, see the player guide at bit.ly/classicdnd.

Star Wars: Imperial Assault - Jabba's Realm

Please do not sign up if you're not willing to commit to completing the campaign (estimated at eight sessions).
Learn to Play - https://www.fgbradleys.com/.../ImperialAssaultLearntoPlay...
How to Play Video - https://youtu.be/sCXZfZSDTvw

If you're interested in joining for either of these, please message me here or at the meetup group posted above.

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