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Four New Traveller Books in Stock


Four new titles for Traveller and 2300AD have arrived in stock today - if you pre-ordered any of these books, they are already on their way to you!

The Explorer’s Edition provides all core game rules for Traveller, plus a universe creation system that allows referees to create new star systems on the fly for their players to visit and explore…

You can grab your own copy right here: Traveller Explorer's Edition


The Aerospace Engineers’ Handbook provides everything you need to design not just the ships of human space, but also the vessels of the alien Kaefers, Pentapods, and Sung. It also covers the design of drones, space stations, and alternative means of achieving orbit.

You can find the Aerospace Engineers' Handbook right here: Aerospace Engineers' Handbook


Fully compliant with the latest edition and with all the important tables and charts, the new 2300AD Referee’s Screen is constructed from quality heavy-weight cardstock that will stand the ravages of many years’ gaming.

You can find the 2300AD Referee's Screen at: https://www.mongoosepublishing.com/products/2300a


Finally, Core Adventure 3: Errant Lightning, has also arrived in stock. The Core sector is the heart of the Third Imperium, the seat of empire and an economic powerhouse, but even the Core has its backwater worlds. One such place is Adan, a dry, almost desert world with a unique ecosphere and a secret that few know...

Errant Lighting can be found at: Core Adventure 3: Errant Lightning


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B/X Known World
I haven't been able to find the Starter Set for a bit. I'm assuming you've let it go out of print so you can update it to the new 2022 version of the game. Any idea when the new Starter Set will be available?


No solid plans for a new starter box set - at the moment the routes into Traveller are via the Core Rulebook or the quicker start Explorer's Edition.

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