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Frank Zappa

Are there any Zappa fans on these boards? Dutch music producer Co de Kloet recently released a book (Frank & Co) describing his friendship with FZ, with a load of interviews as well. Foreword by Dweezil, cover blurb by Steve Vai. It's apparently very interesting for the fans. (Full disclosure: I worked on the copy editing, but I have no financial interest in promoting this book - I just think it might appeal to some of the ecclectic tastes of the forum members.)

I was never a Zappa fan, but he was always one of the names that everyone knew back in the 1980s and early 1990s. When I heard that he'd died, it was quite a shock. There was always a sense of "if you're serious about music, you can't get around Zappa." That's probably a sign of a great artist: if his death leaves a void even for non-fans.

(Another full disclosure: I'm scared to open my copy of the book because I'm worried I'll spot a typo straight away. I've had nightmares about it.)

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"Zappa fan on these boards" reporting in. Thanks for the heads up about the newly-released book; I'll have to keep an eye out for it. (I already have The Real Frank Zappa Book - this will go nicely with that one.)



"Joe's Garage" totally changed my outlook on music and art.

Dioltach, I'll DM you with any typos! (Kidding, of course -- I'm sure you did a fine job.)


Staff member
I wouldn’t consider myself a fan, but I have a few of his recordings in my collection, as well as many by those he employed or inspired- his son, Dweezil; Steve Vai; MissIng Persons.

There's a new documentary available to stream VOD today called Zappa directed by Alex Winter from Bill & Ted. Stardust came out today too.