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Free Free “5E Compatibility” logo from Dias Ex Machina


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Free “5E Compatibility” logo from Dias Ex Machina

Free “5E Compatibility” logo!

The OGL has been released, but many people are lacking an official 5E compatibility logo. Therefore, Dias Ex Machina is releasing it’s “5E Compatibility” logo for free.

That’s right, free, public domain and under the banner of open content.

Although we’re aware there are many logos about and some are free, we wanted to contribute one that anyone can use in hopes it will help unite the various smaller publishers, (perhaps some unguided form of solidarity).

Dias Ex Machina requires absolutely no credit for the logo, though it would be cool if it’s designer, Nick Greenwood, got some love with a thank you.

Now go out and be fruitful.

This file includes two different logos, in both GIF and PSD formats.


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First Post
I wasn't expecting the free logo to be as popular as it turned out. I've decided to upload two more variations. These are extremely minor, but I want to give people options. Once again, they are available in two different formats.

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