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Free copies of Third Kingdom playtesting PHB


The Third Kingdom is almost ready for publication and playtesters. I will be making a limited number of the Player's Handbooks available for free for those willing to either playtest or provide a review. The playtest version should hit the presses mid-May.
The Third Kingdom is a crunchy yet mechanically simple system (roll d10 and add the result to Attribute plus skill or other Rank) set in a world where magic, or plasm, is everywhere, and all characters have the potential to harness their innate magical energy. The PCs are all human, and it is a fairly gritty system and setting; Health does not escalate quickly, for instance. Character creation itself is point-buy and there are no classes.
Anyone interested can check out the .pdf as it stands now, unedited and unformatted (but still relatively clear) at Third Kingdom Games - Home. Feel free to email (or PM) me at todd@thirdkingdomgame.com. I've got a Yahoo group set up for playtesting, so all that I ask is you register with the group to get your copy, if possible. For those that don't get a free copy, I will be selling additional books at 14.00 each (for 260 pages!!); those buying the playtesting version will be able to purchase the final copy at cost.



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