Dragonlance Free Monstrous Compendium Volume II Includes Dragon Highlord Verminaard

Over on D&D Beyond you can grab a copy of Dragonlance Creatures, the second digital official Monstrous Compendium volume. This volume includes entries from the original Dragonlance Chronicles storyline of the 1980s, such as Dragon Highlord Verminaard (at CR 17!) and his dragon, Ember, along with the Forest Master (the unicorn from Darken Wood) and others.

WotC did the same with Spelljammer, with Volume 1 of the Monstrous Compendium.



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I noticed both of these in the blocks, which do you prefer? I assume they mean the same thing...

This movement doesn’t provoke opportunity attacks.
This movement ignores opportunity attacks.


Couldn't irda, ursines and thanois to be PC lineages?

And the gnomes from those pictures are so cutes Hasbro should sell them as toys.
You would think.

For now, the Bearfolk from Kobold Press can be used for the Ursines. And the Dragonlance Companion 3PP book has the Thanoi as a playable pc race option. So those two are covered by that route.

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