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Free RPG Day 2013 Online Compilation

Walking Dad

First Post
Hi, like last year, I will try to compile links to the Free RPG stuff, if possible. Please help me to complete the list (note that the PDFs are not necessarily free):

Frog God Games
Platinum (15 per box)
Swords & Wizardry Adventure “Hall of Bones”

Lamentations of the Flame Princess
Platinum (15 per box)
Better Than Any Man

Platinum (15 per box)
Pathfinder RPG Adventure “We Be Goblins Too!”

Catalyst Game Labs
Gold (10 per box)
Cosmic Patrol Quickstart

Catalyst Game Labs
Gold (10 per box)
BattleTech/Shadowrun Quickstart Flipbook

Fantasy Flight Games
Gold (10 per box)
Shadows of a Black Sun

Q Workshop
Gold (10 per box)
Unique Steampunk d6s

Silver (5 per box)
Commemerative Dice

Goodman Games
Silver (5 per box)
DCC RPG Adventure

Onyx Path Publishing
Silver (5 per box)
Adventure & Quickstart for Vampire: The Requiem

Flying Buffalo
Bronze (3 per box)
“Fire Dwarves of Zorr”, Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls RPG Adventure

Louis Porter Jr. Design
Bronze (3 per box)
NeoExodus Pathfinder Adv. “Temple of the Forbidden God”

Troll Lord Games
Bronze (3 per box)
Castles & Crusades Adventure “A Pot of Broken Bones & Halfling Broth”

Blue Panther
Sample (1 per box)
Unique Dice Tower

Obatron Productions
Sample (1 per box)
Tunse'al Quick Starts and Side Tracks (Savage Worlds Licensed)

Off World Designs
Sample (1 per box)
Free RPG Day Employee T-Shirt (XL)
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Well, that was fun
Staff member
I was hoping someone would do this! I'm off to bed, but I'll link to this on the news page! :)


I know the Paizo offering will eventually be a freebie for download, but I can't tell if the Lamentations of the Flame Princess "Better Than Any Man" will be also. It was the one thing I really wanted but since I was celebrating someone's birthday, only got to one location and it was a madhouse so I looked around a little and left.


I crit!
I keep hearing the words madhouse and packed and lines. I don't want people to have a sucky time, but I like hearing a buzz about rpgs!

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