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Free RPG Day

Free RPG Day Coming on June 22, 2024

Marc Radle


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Shards of the Spellforge​

In Shards of the Spellforge, follow a trail of malfunctioning inventions to a mysterious machine, the last remnant of a forgotten civilization. Dive into this quick, easy-to-run, easy-to-play adventure and discover the Tales of the Valiant RPG for yourself!

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Von Ether

Free League opted to promote their new fantasy game, Dragonbane, which is a BRP based game that uses a d20. It's modernized by adds Death Saves (but based on your Con score) and Advantage/Disadvantage from 5e. You can also push for a re-roll if you Disadvantage a whole category of skills.

Sort of surprised they didn't go with the One Ring on this one.

My personal opinion, the old Pathfinder Goblin QS adventures felt like a bit of bait and switch to me when they were for PF1. You get a little goblin and a silly adventure. Which was genius to garner interest but didn't clue players into how in-depth the game mechanics were for a regular campaign.

Did anyone ever do a complete goblin campaign from level 1 to 20.
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