FREE! Stregoneria RPG PDF for Everyone?

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There is a possibility that the Stregoneria RPG core rulebook .pdf will be free to everyone. In fact, if that's what is decided, then every single member of this forum could have one if they wanted to!:eek:

The idea is to create a customer base with additional hard copies being available for purchase if desired, as well as adventures and supplements.

This is a big step to take and not one to be taken without putting some feelers out first.

To this end, could everyone that would like a free .pdf of the core rulebook post a brief reply here just saying something along the lines of "yes please!";) so the viability of the option can be gauged.

Go to to see what the game is all about and to help you decide if you would like a copy when the game is released.


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Jan van Leyden

Yes, please! :)

I, for one, wouldn't buy the first product of an unknown (to me at least) company) sight unseen. But if I have the PDF and do like the game, I'll buy the dead tree version for sure.


The cover suggests some interesting influences. I'd be glad to take a look at it. edit: I'd suggest you could charge some low price for an introductory sort of release.

What adventures and supplements are you working on?
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Stregheria Games

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There are currently three freelancers that are going to be working on adventures when the game is released and one freelancer who is going to work on a campaign guide for Anglia, one of the three regions in the land the game is set in. Stregheria Games is working on a critical hits supplement called 'Blood on the Battlefield,' due for release in October.

Even if it's decided not to give the .pdf away for free, the people that have expressed an interest in the game by replying to this post will probably still get free copies, as it seems the fair thing to do considering they've taken the time to do so.

Giving some copies away free of charge, hopefully, will spread word of the game and maybe get it some good reviews if people like it.
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I would love a copy, as I am currently developing an RPG system myself and as I am not a very trusting person and would at least like an idea of what I am buying before buying it.

Lord Xtheth

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This definately looks interesting. As a self-proclaimed RPG addict, I definately wouldn't mind reading a free RPG, especially if it turns out to be good!


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The concept sounds interesting and worthy of a look based upon the [about] tab. Like others have mentioned, would greatly appreciate a free copy of a quick-rules-intro if you opt to not release free full core rules.

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