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Free Free Trader / Grendel: starship deckplan poster

Ki Ryn

First Post
Since the first one was so successful, I am running a second Kickstarter
campaign to turn another of my favorite Future Armada ships into
a 24x36, double sided poster featuring miniature-scale deckplans and
detailed renderings.

Details (and video) are here: Kickstarter: 'Free Trader / Grendel' Poster

The ships on the poster (free trader on one side, privateer version on the
other) are detailed and described in a supporting electronic document
(issue #17 of Future Armada) and I have created a custom miniature of the
ship for those who are interested.

Here is a sample of a rendered image:

And a photograph of the resin cast miniature

~Ryan Wolfe of 0 hr: art & technology

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Ki Ryn

First Post
Just a quick update:
The funding goal has been met.
The posters are at the printer.
The miniatures are being cast.
Everything is coming together and should be ready for processing the second the campaign ends on March 2nd!

Ki Ryn

First Post
Just one week left!

Since the campaign hit its funding goal early, I already have the poster, the miniatures, and the shipping tubes in my living room and ready to go as soon as the campaign ends.

I’ve also just launched a new line of PDF starship deckplans. These are miniature-scale and in a layered PDFs so you can turn off the grid, bring up a black and white version, and toggle optional objects like cargo and carried vehicles. Comes with detailed interior descriptions and rendered external views.

  • Visit Kickstarter to check out the poster and miniature.
  • Visit RPGNow to see the PDF deckplans and documents.
  • Or visit 0-hr.com to see all this and more!

Kickstarter: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2031135231/free-trader-grendel-starship-deckplans
RPGNow: http://www.rpgnow.com/product/111655/0-hr:-Renegade
My Site: http://0-hr.com/


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