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Freebies, Sales, and Charity Bundles for September 10, 2023

D&D, OSR, Delta Green, Trail of Cthulhu, Pirate Borg, DCC, and more!

Welcome to the Bundles, Freebies, and Sales News, the weekly column at EN World that helps make sure you don’t miss out on big tabletop RPG bundles, charity fundraisers, and sales from around the internet.


Freebies and Pay What You Want

Note: While “Pay What You Want” downloads are available for free, please support the creators if you are able!

The OSR 2e RPG Rites of Transmutation by G. M. Sebastian adds a narrative focus with a highlight on conversation for the “1989-1999 period of a certain dungeon game”. This is a work-in-progress title released while still working on the interior art in anticipation of a future physical release.
  • Price: Pay What You Want (Suggested: $4.00)

Heretical Hedgehog released Pick Yer Poison: Inns and Their Inhabitants, a complete guide to taverns of the Dark Caribbean setting of Pirate Borg. The sourcebook includes tavern names, clientele, a “spawn a barkeep” table, services and activities, menus of food and drink, and more.
  • Price: Pay What You Want (Suggested: $3.21)

And while we’re in the pirate horror world of Pirate Borg, Heretical Hedgehog also has The Parrot Speaks, a set of random tables for different kinds of parrots and other talking birds, a name generator, and a collection of phrases a parrot might say.
  • Price: Pay What You Want (Suggested: $1.00)

Pedro Ave posted Green Knight Class, a new player class for Shadowdark RPG as a member of an order of knights chosen by a mysterious lady of the woods, devoting their lives in the protection of sacred places.
  • Price: Pay What You Want (Suggested: $0.50)

Crooked Staff Publishing has probably the easiest-to-assemble print-and-use miniature terrain ever with Print & Paste Textures: Small Tents. As they’re a collection of tents, all you have to do is print them out with your standard paper printer, cut them out, and fold in half to create a triangular tent. Or get creative with your crafting to create a variety of different styles of tents, lean-tos, and canopies.
  • Price: Pay What You Want (Suggested: $1.25)

Old School Role Playing released another Cepheus Engine adventure with Ghost Planet, where a mysterious uncharted planet suddenly appears in shipping lanes with a CR 200,000 reward from a scientist to find answers to the questions of where it came from.
  • Price: Pay What You Want (Suggested: $3.00)

Over on Dungeonmasters Guild, Kelly Smith posted Heist Heist Baby!, a one-shot heist adventure set in Waterdeep. The adventure sends the 6th level party after the Heart of Ice, a priceless blue diamond with 9 stat blocks, 6 unique magic items, and full maps and Roll20 tokens.
  • Price: Pay What You Want (Suggested: $0.00)

If you’ve ever had a “Not In My Back Yard” type, you might be interested in Jeff Somogyi’s A NIMBY on Elf Street, an adventure for any levels that sends the party to “de-ghost” a haunted house that’s likely not even haunted, placing them in a struggle between a rich real estate barron attempting to gentrify a poor neighborhood and the residents who live there.
  • Price: Pay What You Want (Suggested: $5.00)

R6: House of Ooze by Michael LeBossiere is the sixth adventure in the R series that can be played as part of that campaign or as a stand-alone adventure. This module sends the 4th to 7th level party to face an epic fungal fight in the Garden of Zuggtmoy against the servants of Jubilex and the spawn of Zuggtomy.
  • Price: Pay What You Want (Suggested: $0.99)

For something to pad out your campaign or add some side quests to your campaign, Chris Yeo released Roadside Encounters, an assortment of encounters and mini-adventures for the first tier of play featuring maps from Dyson Logos.
  • Price: Pay What You Want (Suggested: $2.00)

The first lightning round this week features maps, all available either for free or pay what you want with the suggested price in parentheses.

The second lightning round is all about new 5e monsters and adversaries, again all either free or pay what you want with the suggested price in parentheses.

And the third lightning round features new character options for 5e with new classes, subclasses, backgrounds, and playable races/species/heritages.


Bundles and Sales

Note: I have included end dates when listed for the following sales, but please be warned that those without published end dates may end suddenly so be sure to plan purchases accordingly.

Fantasy Ground has a sale on all licenses if you hurry! This deal expires Sunday night at Midnight Eastern Time, so hurry if you want to take advantage of this discount on the Fantasy Grounds Unity Standard and Ultimate licenses.
  • Price: 25% off
  • End Date: Sunday, September 10, 2023 Tonight at midnight EDT!

DriveThruRPG is running the September Setting Sale with a different theme for setting and rulebooks on discount, this week being Modern Action RPGs including Cypher System, Spycraft, Modern AGE, D20 Modern, EN Publishing’s N.O.W rules for What’s OLD is NEW, Trinity Continuum, Twilight 2000, and over 170 titles total.
  • Price: Up to 80% off
  • End Date: Monday, September 11, 2023 Monday at 10 AM EDT!
  • Note: This sale will continue the entire month with a different theme each week

Dungeonmasters Guild has the Back-to-School Sale with discounts on a huge collection of over 170 5e titles including official Roll20 conversions of Wizards of the Coast books like the core rulebooks and adventures like Curse of Strahd as well as third-party sourcebooks and adventures like Exploring Eberron from setting creator Keith Baker, Drizzt’s Travelogue of Everything, and a lot more.
  • Price: Up to 40% off
  • End Date: September 17, 2023

And if you’d like to pick up a megabundle at an even bigger discount, the Back-to-School Mega-Bundle features a collection of 10 bestselling titles from Dungeonmasters Guild including Dante’s Guide to Hell, Explorer’s Guide: A Collection of Places, Fire & Fury: Modern Firearms Guide, Gears and Cogs: Clockwork Mysteries, Sci-Fi Monster Manual, and more.
  • Price: $58.78 (50% off)
  • End Date: September 30, 2023

Son of Oak Game Studio collected a bundle of their recently released QUEERZ! TTRPG using the Powered by the Apocalypse system to create an LGBTQ+ themed game inspired by anime like Sailor Moon and sentai shows like Power Rangers. The bundle includes the QUEERZ! Basic Set core rules, Character Creation Guide, Adventure Anthology, and more.
  • Price: $29.95 (56% off)

Whether you’re inspired by Starfield or just a fan of science fiction, MmpApps has Capital Ship Deck Plans, a collection of Roll20 maps. The bundle includes both PDFs and Roll20 VTT files with dynamic lighting and layered maps for multiple map options for different sections of capital starships including the cargo bays, bridge, engineering, launch bay, medical center, and more.
  • Price: $23.95 (35% off)

If planet-side adventures are more your thing, Alpha Strike Games Limited has the Mars Map Pack featuring overland maps for alien worlds with the reddish hue of Mars including clear terrain maps, maps of fortifications and habitats, and two collections of tiles for a Mars colony that can be mixed and matched to create a unique alien settlement.
  • Price: $2.99 (45% off)


Charity Bundles and Sales

Meguey Baker, game designer on Apocalypse World and the system behind Powered by the Apocalypse, was diagnosed with breast cancer and has surgery scheduled at the end of the month. A Meal Train fundraiser has already raised over $25,000 to help the family with household expenses and meals.
  • Charity: Meguey Baker and family (all donations)

John Kovalic, artist for Munchkin and writer/artist of Dork Tower, is doing his annual bike ride for charity. Every year, John rides a marathon bicycle ride with a duck on his head to raise money for FairShareCSA bringing fresh food to low-income families. And each year, there’s a wide selection of rewards for those donating. Every pledge gets a PDF of a limerick collection featuring Neil Gaiman, Patrick Rothfuss, and Gail Simone, while other reward tiers include Munchkin postcards, signed books and prints, original Munchkin card art, becoming a Dork Tower character, designing an original Munchkin card, and more.
  • Price: Pledge level rewards from $35 to $4000
  • Charity: FairShareCSA (all donations)
  • End Date: September 16, 2023

Sleepy Sasquatch Games has a fundraiser going on Itch.io for Gizmo, a 12-year-old dog with ongoing medical issues. The bundle includes four solo RPGs, Wandering Dreams for eldritch horror, Courier about a post-apocalyptic delivery person, GLIDE about sci-fi exploration, and the sword and sorcery Wandering Souls.
  • Price: $19.00 (50% off)
  • Charity: Medical care for Gizmo
  • End Date: September 30, 2023

Bundle of Holding has two bundles for Arc Dream Publishing’s Delta Green modern-day action-horror RPG based on the Cthulhu Mythos. The first bundle is the Delta Green RPG Megabundle which includes the Delta Green Agent’s Handbook player core rulebook, the setting book The Complex, and the pre-generated character collection Agent Dossiers. The Handler Megacollection adds on the Delta Green Handler’s Guide GM core rulebook, the sourcebook The Conspiracy, the campaign Iconoclasts, and four other titles.
  • Price: $7.95 (76% off) with variable-cost Level Up option
  • Charity: Direct Relief (10%)
  • End Date: September 25, 2023

The second bundle is DG Asset Packs with a collection of graphical assets, hand-outs, and prop documents for Delta Green. Pick up the art, template, and document hand-outs in the DG Asset Pack: Classified 1, Known Vectors 1, Law Enforcement 1, Public Interest 1, and Private Sector Pack.
  • $17.95 (70% off) with variable-cost Level Up option
  • Charity: Direct Relief (10%)
  • End Date: September 25, 2023

The Atomic Robo bundle from Evil Hat is back with a collection of books based on the comic series. If you’re not familiar with the series, Atomic Robo is a sci-fi/steampunk inspired series inspired by Ghostbusters, Indiana Jones, Buckaroo Banzai, and The Rocketeer. The Starter Collection includes the core rulebook, three graphic albums, and three Tesladyne manuals while the Bonus Collection adds on the Majestic 12 sourcebook, four more graphic albums, and two Real Science Adventures collections.
  • Price: $12.95 (82% off) with variable-cost Level Up option
  • Charity: Direct Relief (10%)
  • End Date: September 13, 2023

On Humble, Pelgrane Press released the Trail of Cthulhu bundle with a library of books for the GUMSHOE-based Lovecraftian RPG. If you haven’t played before, you will need to get the top tier as it’s the only tier that includes the core rules along with 21 other titles and a discount code for the Pelgrane Press online store. If you’re already a player looking to expand your library, the first tier includes the Keeper’s Resource Book and Screen, the WWI-era adventure anthology Dulce et Decorum Est, and an EP soundtrack of original music, while the mid-tier adds on four more adventure books Out of the Woods, Out of Time, Out of Space, and Eternal Lies.
  • Price: $1/$10/$18 (95% off at top tier)
  • Charity: Cancer Research UK (user-defined, default 5%)
  • End Date: September 28, 2023

Goodman Games isn’t messing around with the Dungeon Crawl Classics MegaBundle as the “mega” is earned with 75 products valued at over $1000 at the highest tier. The bundle includes dozens of adventures for Dungeon Crawl Classics along with classic 3.x Edition adventures in the Wicked Fantasy Factory series and its newest incarnation for 5e with Fifth Edition Fantasy.
  • Price: $1/$15/$25 (98% off at top tier)
  • Charity: World Central Kitchen (user-defined, default 5%)
  • End Date: September 14, 2023

That’s all for this week! If you know of any bundles or sales starting soon, please contact me on the EN World Discord, tag me on Mastodon, or send me a message here on EN World. Discount percentages have been rounded to the nearest whole number and are based on the standard retail price provided by the site. Note: Links to Amazon, Humble Store, Humble Bundle, Fantasy Grounds, and/or DriveThruRPG may contain affiliate links with the proceeds going to the author of this column.

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Darryl Mott

Darryl Mott

Oddly enough, I may have a need for a parrot supplement.

But supporting gentrification efforts for pay has often cropped up in my campaign.

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