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Freedom fighters


Snotling Herder
While tidying up my loft I stumbled across a game I can't even remember buying, freedom fighters by fantasy games unlimited.

Now I'm guessing I stuck it in the lift for a reason, but I never remember playing it, has anyone here experience of the game? Is it ok or a total dud?

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aramis erak

Bit of a strong GDW/Traveller influence, due to being by J. Andrew Keith. (Brother of game designer and novel author William H. "Bill" Keith.) Also a smaller FASA influence. (GDW and FASA have a lot of cross-fertilization.)

Uses a background lifepath generation like Traveller, but more vague; ironically, that is out of sync, as the rest of the rules are excess detail.

Note: Bill Keith wrote the much nicer to run Delta Force RPG (released by Task Force), released the same year, 1986, and probably helped each other research. It's notable because GDW has just withdrawn almost all the licenses for Classic Traveller, because both T2300 was released and MegaTraveller was announced.

I find it curious that they didn't try to release under their own label, Gamelords, instead doing low-sales RPGs for other companies.

Andrew was rather active on the Traveller boards up until the year he died. Both he and Bill wrote a lot of fact-based, detail oriented stuff for Traveller.

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