Pathfinder 1E Freeing Nethus

So, way back in the mists of time, Kobold Press ran a kickstarter for the product that became Midgard Adventures, a Pathfinder module compilation set in (clearly...) their Midgard campaign world.

One of the exclusive backer rewards for this kickstarter was Freeing Nethus, a high-level module dealing with the imprisoned sea god Nethus. As a backer exclusive, this had a small print run and was never released as a more broadly available product, and I believe KP have said that it never will be. However, it had a major impact on the Midgard setting, the status of Nethus, the state of his patheon, and politics in the area where he is worshipped undergoing some dramatic shifts before the updated version of the Midgard campaign book - changes directly as a result of the events of the module

It's a long shot, but does anyone on here own the module? I'm interested in what happened to Nethus, but it's not covered anywhere except in Freeing Nethus, which is basically impossible to get hold of. Just a quick summary of the module's plot would be great. I'm not looking to run it or anything, just looking for some backstory.

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