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Release Friendly Neighborhood Superhero!

Hello internet, we're Catscratcher Studio, an indie group from Brazil, and we just released a new game we want to share with you!

Friendly Neighborhood Superhero
is a solo tabletop RPG (with optional rules for group play) about superheroes who go on adventures to, sure, fight crime - but with the major goal of helping their neighbors and leaving their neighborhood a better place!

Generate problems and citizens; create scenes through a simple and dynamic system; and play to find out how your actions transform your neighborhood for the better!


For $5 (with free copies available for anyone who can't afford it!), you get 30 pages with:
  • Rules for generating and going on adventures;
  • Tables to create villains to fight and neighbors to interact with;
  • Optional rules for group play;

You can check it out at: Friendly Neighborhood Superhero by Catscratcher Studio

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