Release From the Ruins: 4 Immersive Dungeons for 5e


  • Barrow of the Red Soldier: In the depths of an ancient barrow, bones stir and unholy light glimmers as a long-dead warlord returns to life.
  • The Vault of Spiders: A long-lost Giant vault promises lore and riches to those who can brave the resident spider infestation.
  • The Lost Village: A once-thriving village has fallen into ruin, now host to only warped creatures, undead, and rumors of a powerful witch.
  • The Gardens of Cer Mora: Sentient fungus and animated plants clash among an ancient, extravagant garden. Below, an unseen force guides the conflict with sinister motive.
Adventure abounds in this dungeon-focused supplement for 5th edition! Balanced for parties of 4th to 8th level, From the Ruins encourages resourceful adventurers to face the mysteries, denizens, and hazards of 4 immersive dungeons. Ranging from 1 session sidetracks to multi-day delves, these dungeons are easy to drop into an existing campaign to fit your needs. Each dungeon includes:
  • Beautiful, detailed, easy-to-read JPEG maps ready to plug into your favorite VTT.
  • A simple, powerful Risk system to bring life and high stakes to your dungeons.
  • An open-ended backstory that can be easily adapted to any campaign.
  • Adventure hooks to entice heroes of all interests.
  • Unique creatures and treasures.
This supplement includes, in total, 34 pages of content, 16 new enemies, 5 new magical items, and 13 maps.

$2.99 on and DriveThruRPG -- Barrow of the Red Soldier is available for free download on (or through the preview function of DriveThruRPG).

Happy gaming!
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