WOIN Galactic Sentience Catalog - Kithik


Looking at the GSC for some unusual character race ideas for the SolSpace setting I came across the Kithik. I quickly thought back to AD&D Thri-Kreen which was always a ton of fun for me to play. Then I got to what seems to be contradictory information,
Kithik tend to live about 80 years, entering adulthood at 20 and old age at 60.
coupled with
Short-lived. Kithik live short lives. All career lengths are divided by two (round up). Kitik are adult at 10 years of age, and old at 20 years.
So are Kithik average lived (human standards) or short lived? If they are short lived how does this affect things like the seemingly standard time that Academy/Cadet Evaluation/Tours of Duty have built into them? Do Kithik (or any other race with different lengths of life) just finish the Academy in two years and their Cadet Evaluation in six months? Do Borians take 12 years to graduate the Academy and 3 years for their evaluation?

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Well, that was fun
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Hah! Good catch. Ummm. Which do you prefer? We’ll make that the correct one!

For Academy careers they’d stay the same length.


Based on your lore idea that they may be ancient Earth influencers of martial arts and eastern culture it makes more sense to have them live to be older. The Shaw Brothers never had a 30 year old grand master. I would say for balance and theme give them martial arts as a skill option, or some other exploit (though I think they are currently really good on exploit boons). As always you are lightning fast with replies, it is greatly appreciated.

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