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Journey Mountain Studios

Building Galaxies
Introducing Galaxy Builder Decks, a series of system-neutral planet and trait cards for worldbuilders and roleplayers to quickly generate scifi settings and cultures right on the table. Pair Planet cards with Planet Trait cards for unique locations and encounters. Place them in orbits on Star System Mats to create overmaps for your session. Each deck is designed to work with others in the series to help flesh out your galaxy.

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Galaxy Builder Decks: Planets - a deck of 52 double-sided cards of planets, asteroids, and stars.
Galaxy Builder Decks: Planet Traits - a deck of 52 double-sided cards of planetary, geological, atmospheric traits and more.
Galaxy Builder Decks: Star System Mats - a set of double-sided mats of inner and outer orbits for creating star systems with Planet cards.
Galaxy Builder Decks: Label Cards - FREE set of printable cards to use with Planet cards and Planet Trait cards.
Galaxy Builder Decks: Spooky Pack - FREE sample-pack of 3 printable cards to add eerie locations to your galaxy.



Thank You for taking a look at this new series and for your support! I am excited to see what galaxies you build.


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