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Release Galaxy Builder Decks: Tech Levels Now Available

Journey Mountain Studios

Building Galaxies

Galaxy Builder Decks: Tech Levels Now Available!

Galaxy Builder Decks: Tech Levels are a set of 9 technology level cards for GMs and Worldbuilders to customize planetary cultures by the age of their development. Tech Level determines how a culture travels, communicates, and wages war in your universe. Each card details capabilities from the Stone Age up to the Galactic Age, with examples of technologies for each age, pip-based stats on possible world population sizes and influence ranges, and skills that inhabitants may have at each tech level. Pair with Planet and Planet Trait Decks in the series to quickly create scifi settings right on your table.



Drivethrurpg | Ichio

About Galaxy Builder Decks​

Galaxy Builder Decks are a series of system-neutral cards for worldbuilders and GMs to quickly create scifi settings and cultures right on your table. Pair Planet cards with Planet Trait cards for unique locations and encounters. Each deck is designed to work with others in the series to help flesh out your galaxy.

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