D&D 5E Galeb Duhr - Ranged Attacks


So, my players, lvl 8, have a Galeb Duhr ally bound to a garden on the side of their flying tower. They will soon fight an Adult White Dragon in it’s mountain top lair, outside, so they will be bringing the tower for the battle. They have quite a bit of resources available, so Dragon won’t be alone. It’s gonna be crazy. Anyway, one of these resources is the Galeb Duhr who won’t be able to Melee because bound to garden. But they will want him involved. So giving him some ranged options. I, DM, will be playing as NPC.

Thrown Rocks: (20/60 range) +5 to hit. 1d4+5 to damage. Galeb Duhr probably proficient in tossing rocks. Thinking about doubling damage if tossed at anyone on the ground.

Galeb Duhr’s can also animate 2 Boulders into more Galeb Duhrs with no intelligence or charisma. But he is too far up the tower, even if it lands, to do it to one on the ground. And I don’t think they can toss boulders…So, thinking of inventing the option to animate bigish rocks again 20/60 range, at 25% GD hp and 50% damage that the GD can Chuck at the Dragon if In range.

So to question, what’s a good rule for odds of it attaches? Figure reg falling dmg if a fail. Figure dragon can bite or claw to damage attached thing, or do no damage dislodge, again reg falling dmg.

logical odds to attach? Also opinions on the above welcome. Or other ideas for ranged Galeb Duhr ideas.

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Grapple rules sound like what to use if they try to grab the dragon. If you want to be kind, the flying, animated boulders would do a body slam + grapple, dealing damage and making contested Strength rolls vs. the dragon to hang on and stay on.

As a CR 6 monster, I'd probably increase the thrown rock damage - at least 2d4+5 damage, if not 2d6 + 5 damage. I mean, 1d4 + 5 is a sling hurling a pebble, not a boulder. If the GB can somehow get multiple rocks attached to the dragon, might be able to pull it/weigh it down to the ground.
Besides throwing rocks, the GB might also throw trees from the garden, maybe make a lasso or net from vines there too.


This feels like a problem for your players to solve. If I were them, I'd be buying him a siege engine - something like a large ballista or catapult that would ordinarily require a multi-person crew, but the Galeb Duhr is strong enough to handle it solo.

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