Kickstarter [Galladoria Games] Factions of Galladoria (Painted and unpainted accessories and terrain)

Quality made, mass produced pre-painted terrain and accessories are not that common (dominated by WizKids and Dwarven Forge) so this crowd funding campaign really caught my eye. The Factions of Galladoria Kickstarter has already met it's funding goal, and is steadily hurdling over their stretch goal levels. They have also chosen to theme many of their offerings around humans, orcs, elves, and dwarves. Some of the campaign offerings which I like are the palisade walls, gates, and towers.

You have the option to receive any of their items either painted or unpainted.


Here is a short description from their campaign site:

Presenting Factions of Galladoria!! Siege Weapons, Terrain, Wooden Palisade, and Accessories! The 28mm scale system features 4 unique factions (Human, Dwarf, Elf, and Orc). These pieces are incredibly durable, and beautifully hand-painted for your tabletop role playing games!

If you like using terrain items and accessories to enhance your tabletop gaming experience then I highly recommend checking out this Kickstarter.


Galladoria Games Website: Galladoria Games


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Lots of great accessories here including much needed beds.

I'm not interested in siege engines at all but they're actually a small optional part of it.


Just learned about this site from Kor and making my first post to support this KS. I have bought a number of items from Galladoria Games in the past and can attest to their excellent quality and customer service.

Here is also another great reason to support this Kickstarter:


  • For all USA based pledges of $50 or more shipping will be included.
  • For all Canadian based Pledges of $100 or more shipping will be included.
  • For all International pledges of $200 or more shipping will be included.

This campaign is still moving along at a great pace, even during the dreaded "middle days" of a Kickstarter campaign. The $38,000 reward level was just unlocked. Next up is the "Elven Barricades". They would also make a great substitute for a "wall of thorns" spell.


Factions of Galladoria

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