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Game visuals for Numenera


Here are some resources I've found that would work well for in game pictures or give some ideas of what the world would look like beyond the map in the book.

Nice future terraform picture
Possible Aeon Priest
A Jack

io9 article, with map, talking about Pangea Ultima.
Another Pangea Ultima Map.
PALEOMAP Project has a map of Pangea Ultima and if you explore the site you can find past and future progression maps.
The Wiki

Video discussing continental drift and showing what next 100 million years might look like.
Video showing Earth's evolving into Pangea Ultima.

Doing a search for "monolith" on Deviant Art results in some awesome artwork that would also fit the bill, including one showing what appears to be a Numenera style monolith falling into the earth.
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I plan on using some of the design work from Bungie's game Destiny.
Some of the concept art is awesome, and I'm upright stealing the sphere for my Numenara campaign..

I'm also bringing in ideas from the novels Vampire Hunter D, where the vampires, reached amazing levels of Tech crossed with Magic.
It gives me all kinds of ideas for what could have happened in a previous age, including the alien invasion that was repelled.

Mythological Figures & Maleficent Monsters