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Complete Mecha Factory - CO-4E (Core) Mecha Entertainment Capital of the Galaxy, where leagues of mecha combat teams compete among various factions to become the undisputed champions of this popular interstellar sport. Gladiatorial combat between criminals, between mega-corps at arenas across the planet and to some of the moons and planet across the solar system.

This is a complete guide for designing custom Mecha builds from tiny to large (starship) scale, as well as complete rules for custom power armor, though as designed you need to choose one or the other, as the rules are less compatible for those wanting both elements in their game.

Additional you will find new starship bay options, new armor, personal equipment, weapons, vehciles and starships to supplant your Mecha combats… enjoy!

Includes 5 each, 72 x 72 inch mecha combat zone maps for the Desert Zone, Forest Zone, Junkyard Zone, Terraformer Platform Zone, and the 2-part Starship Zone. Comes as 72 x 72 inch, 70 dpi Roll20 ready full maps, also comes as 72 x 72, sliced into 24 x 24 inch, 100 dpi other virtual tabletop ready, and each map sliced into 80 letter size slices for home printing of each map.



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I have got a doubt. In a campaign about mechas vs kaijus like in the movie "Pacific Rim". How should be the reward when you can kill a monster like a dinosaur or un giant with only a shot or controlling a remote-control drone?


Well, these mecha use the same weapons as starships from Starfinder, so a mecha could certainly defeat a Kaiju in combat, but one-shotting a kaiju? I doubt that would happen. I don't see Kaiju like a mere dinosaur - it would be a tough fight, like fighting a dragon. You could still defeat a dragon, but you couldn't one-shot a dragon, nor a kaiju.


Note this is the same cover art as used in Catalyst Games Reunification Wars for BattleTech. However the artist, Eric Williams, gave me a one-use license of this existing art, but I paid enough that he was able to make some changes. The featured thug mecha had it's missile pods replaced with some gun turrets. The burning skyscrapers in back were changed into burning debris piles. And the 3 aircraft in the sky behind the mecha were removed. So, yes, it's the same art, but has been paid for and altered from those already familiar with it.

For me kaiju is monster with huge size or bigger. And if high-tech weapons can destroy a tank or war-charriot then a mecha or a remote-control dron could kill a kyojin (men-eater giant) from "Attack on the titans" with a shot in the weak point on the nape.

Mmmm, now what I think about that, the men-eater kyojins could be interesting antagonists for a mecha campaign.

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