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[Gamers Wanted][C&C][Online] On the Edges of the Darkenfold


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Welcome to the World of Aihrde. This is a dark and foreboding world recovering from a long and tumultuous age where the Evil god Unklar ruled the land. Unklar has been defeated, but the remnants of the peoples of the land live in an uneasy world where things of power lurk not far off the beaten path.

Our adventure will start in Elne a bustling river port. Sitting on the mighty Danau River. Goods flow in and out of the city every day. But, across the river to the West lies the remains of Aihrde's primordial forest; The Darkenfold.

Party up and brave this fierce and magical world where ancient evil and fey await those brave enough to venture from the hearth. Here is a world where even a small deviation from the road could lead to more adventure than you had hoped for.

If you have not tried C&C it's a more open ended old school style system not confined by restricted by massive lists of feats and powers. In this system only your imaginations limits restrict your character.
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Peace Among Worlds
Ah, a rare opportunity for me to try a new RPG. You still looking for people, claytri? Took me a couple weeks to find it.

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