Gamers Wanted! [GAMERS WANTED!] DISCORD (PBP) The Realm of Peripéteia! QUEST


[GAMERS WANTED!] DISCORD (PBP) The Realm of Peripéteia! QUEST

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Extremely experienced DMs, with a thoroughly detailed and flexible Quest for the first five players!

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Quest: I suppose I’ll expose the repose

Start Date: 1st August
Duration: 3-5 weeks.
DM: Toodley + Shadow
Combat Difficulty: Hard
Quest Type: Mystery
Speed: Fast
Players: 4-5

Knowledge of healing abilities/spells or of poisons/diseases would be helpful but not necessary. It is also a mystery quest, so taking notes may be a good idea.

Not allowed to take any action, or inaction that would cause another player to die.


Waterdeep - The crown jewel of the sword coast

James Pearlington owns the largest trading company in Waterdeep. Last year his sister fell ill of an unknown illness, and he has sought the costly services of the church to preserve her body.

He seeks the services of adventurers investigate how his dearly loved sister came to be ill, and if there might be a way to bring her back.