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Gamers Wanted! [Gamers Wanted!] [Dragon Nest] PatemaDN - Free CC | Instant LV 95 | T3 Starter Gear | Active Events


Screen Shot 2019-05-11 at 2.35.59 AM.png
We're a newly launched Dragon Nest (PC) Private Server, with friendly & dedicated staff fluent in both Chinese and English.

PatemaDN Website (Account Registration): http://guaiguai.xpatema.com/en
Join our discord for download link: https://discord.gg/6ejfnqA

⁂ Our game server is currently located in Mainland China, Client based from SDO v363.
⁂ Custom Class-Rebalance, Items, Events, Drop-Rates
⁂ Instant Lv95, Switch Classes from Website
⁂ 1000k CC Upon Character Creation
⁂ L Tier 3 Starter Gear
⁂ Daily Attendance Rewards at 9:30 (GMT+8)
⁂ Latest Mounts & CASH Items

Feel free to ask any questions!