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[Gamers Wanted!] Looking to join / form a D&D3.5 group in Wolverhampton UK


Whilst I currently game in a mix of systems and settings I would very much like to join or form a regular group that plays Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 in the Wolverhampton area of the UK. We would ideally be using the Eberron or Freeport settings (maybe combining both) or even Dark Sun (using the Paizo Dungeon and Dragon magazine articles).

I would like a group who can play serious but also have fun, and who ideally know or can learn the system and / or setting fairly well (but by no means need be experts). I would be happy to join a group as a player or even GM.

One option I am exploring is setting up a monthly game run at my house on a Sunday (10:00 to 16:00 with a break for lunch). If I gain enough players (looking for 4) I would likely run the published scenarios for the Eberron setting, namely:
  1. The Forgotten Forge (in Eberron Campaign Setting book, designed for 1st level characters)
  2. Shadows of the Last War (for 2nd level characters)
  3. Whispers of the Vampire's Blade (for 4th level characters)
  4. Grasp of the Emerald Claw (for 6th level characters)
  5. Voyage of the Golden Dragon (for 7th level characters,a stand alone adventure)

If anyone is interested please post here or message me and we can arrange to meet for a coffee or something so we can see whether our playstyles and schedules are likely to match up, and that we are all likely to get on.

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First Post
Hey, just seen this, I'm super interested as I live in wolverhampton, but I've never played DND myself, :( I know all the basics of the game though, let me know if you're interested at least dude, if not don't worry :)


Hi there! Have you roleplayed much before, just not with D&D? What is your usual playstyle - do you like to get immersive in character, prefer the combat, love a good mystery to investigate? Do you prefer sandbox settings or okay with being railroaded a little?

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