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Looking to add a couple gamers to our monthly game! We currently have four gamers and a DM, but after a 3 month hiatus we lost two great gamers. Now we are back and gaming once a month for 5-6 hours on a Saturday. Game time is 7pm and runs until 12 or 1am (sometimes we will run a 5 hour game if someone has to get up early Sunday). So far the group consists of 3 adult guys (one being the DM), a 13-year old boy (my son), and 1 woman. The adults are all in their 40's though I personally have gamed with every age group in nearly every combination. I was hoping to add just adults if possible. We are hoping to add more people because we have found we really liked the group of 6 we used to have.

Our game is a mix of combat and role-playing, though we do like to just gather and laugh and have fun. Sometimes we are knee-deep in a dungeon and other times the group spends 3 hours roleplaying how to open a door (lol). The point though is we aren't too happy with the annoying rules-lawyer types, but that isn't to say no one in the group doesn't quote rules. ;)

Also we are an inclusive group, so we don't care what gender, race, etc. and would want to make anyone comfortable and just plain having fun is my goal.

Little about me: I've been DMing/playing for 33 years with a few gaps in there. I have never stopped learning how to have fun and I've discovered that's not always the easiest thing. I love role-playing different voices and NPCs, but I also love the strategy of a combat session.

If interested and you live near us, please reply! :)

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How about newbie players? Im 28 male and have been thinkin about trying out DnD. I have literally zero experience or knowledge of how the game works

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